Who doesn’t like shopping? Be it, men or women, shopping is an activity enjoyed across every lifespan no matter what people say. Its sale season and many of us are gearing up for the perfect deal on clothes and apparel. So here are a few trends to watch out for this season to make heads turn wherever you go. Starting from crop tops to bell bottoms, the 90s has made a huge comeback in the 21st-century couture collection. So get your sleeves up to get the perfect outfit and so much more the next time you find yourself on a shopping spree.

Crop top craze

Social media is full of crop top wearing Instagram models showing off their midriffs like it’s nobody’s business. Paired with some high waist skinny jeans, it’s the perfect outfit for a sunny day outing as well as for the perfect party look. Accessorize with chic chokers and chunky earrings for the complete 90s look. Don’t forget to tug up those jeans to show off your pristine posterior. Add some white sneakers, and you’re ready for your show.

Bell bottom belle

You would have thought bell bottoms were only going to be remembered as the hit Elvis Presley song. But this iconic fashion has made a full circle and has found itself back in the 2018 list of must-haves. Bell bottoms are being paired with crop tops as well as long tops to get back the long gone charisma of the yesteryears. Be sure to accessorize with some cut headbands to complete the look.

Feline Fashion

Cat eyes and cat ears are in this season, and we love this cute couture. Load up on some popular cat ear headbands and flick that liner up for a perfect cat eye makeup.