Have you ever thought of a residential house that is purely designed to meet the needs of the disabled people? This is what you will get if you are lucky to meet the minimum qualification of the NDIS accommodation. If you are a person living with disability and you are at the age of sixty five years old and above, you are the right person to be awarded the accommodation. Not all the disabled persons qualify for such accommodation. You need to convince the officer in charge that you are unable to perform some important duties in your house just because of the inconvenience caused by your current house. If you will succeed, you will be assured to be the occupant of the incredible house that you have not lived before. The following are some of the advantages you stand to gain if you are awarded this NDIS housing;

  • Efficiency
  • Perfect design for you
  • All services at your disposal


This is one of the houses that you can own and experience the highest level of efficiency. For instance, most of the houses that are built by this scheme are exclusively for the disabled persons. The houses therefore are customized to fit all of your requirements as an individual living with disability. It is self-contained with well-designed rumps that are so efficient. This will guarantee you of freedom within your house of residence. You will be able to gain independence because you will be enabled to move in the house with your wheelchair as much as you wish. What else can you miss? I am sure that you have dreamt of such house before. The NDIS lodging is here to make your dream a reality. What is standing between you and your dream accommodation is your application. If you are qualified, do not hesitate to apply, you can be a lucky winner.

Perfect design for you

The houses that are provided by the NDIS accommodation are perfectly designed to meet the needs of any disabled person. This is the reason as to why you need to hurry and make the application so as you can be the owner of this customized house. The house is built in such way that you can do whatever you want to do in it. I am sure that you will love this kind of a house because it has amazing features that are purposely meant to relieve you with all the stress life that you have been leading. Why can’t you become part of the disabled persons who are enjoying the NDIS housing that is purely designed for the disabled?

All services at your disposal

There are amazing services that you can get if you are lucky to have the NDIS accommodation. For instance, you will forget the stress of climbing the stairs because the new house will be customized with amazing features that will be able to give you freedom to carry out your chores as efficiently as you may wish. Make the formal application and stand a chance to qualify.