It is no wonder that the Internet of Things (IoT) has proved to be useful for mankind but then taking it a bit too far with some weird inventions can make people awry about it. During this year and the one before it, a few new IoT devices fall in this category only which can seldom have any practical use for a person. We take a look at some of these IoT devices to understand them better.

There is a smart salt shaker – A company called Smalt has made an internet connected salt shaker that can take care of the amount of salt that one needs on the table! The company explains ‘whether a person needs a teaspoon or a pinch of salt, simply turn the dial or ask “Alexa” and see the magic unravel.’ It also comes with an inbuilt speaker, and that makes it all the more futuristic.

The advent of the smart toaster – Ya, that is a reality now with a device called Toasteroid, using which a person can print any design on a slice of toast or even send toast messages to friends who have a similar device with them! This is really as weird as it can get to imagine that there is a smart toaster that can print literally any type of message, be it regarding news, entertainment or simply weather. It is an “app-controlled smart image toaster” that is available on Indiegogo. The most surprising part is that 1997 people have really invested and bought it!! Now, that can be called a ‘real’ treasure for them.

Mirrors have also got their upgrade – At least, so it seems to look at The Griffin Connected Mirror – which shows weather, time and ‘status messages’ in addition to providing the reflection. This $1,000 mirror is able to display the latest tweets up on it so that people don’t feel bored only to look up at a mirror!