In the era of cut-throat competition and each-one-for-own kind of mentality, every businessman wants only profit and longevity of trade. But its 2018 and we are embracing our obligations towards society and responsibilities concerning the environment. Corporate has, for a long time, been seen as a taker fuelling capitalism that chokes the common man’s pocket. But the focus has shifted, and multi-billion dollar companies are now devoting a considerable amount of time and resources on social work and environmental conservation. The gist of this new movement is that if you give back to the consumer, then you will get back your margins too.

Social Upliftment

Multi-billion dollar companies are leading the way when it comes to large-scale donations and rigorous social work. Many companies, even smaller ones have begun realizing their responsibilities towards the very society they cater to. Specific departments have popped up in various companies with able professionals heading them for charity and developmental activism across the globe. The very famous Bill Gates foundation is the best example when it comes to perfect execution of vision regard social responsibility among the topmost and richest business owners of the world.

Environmental Conservation

The one big problem, the causes of which are mostly big companies and factories, is pollution of the earth. With strange and extreme weather events happening all across the world, such as hurricanes, typhoons and flash floods, it is high time the big powerful started realizing their own obligations to save humanity and its habitat. Many companies have joined forces to eliminate all wasteful activities in their own workplaces that contribute greatly to environmental pollution. Not just that, there has also been extensive input by corporations to quell various kinds of pollution through active research and development aiming for conservation and environment-friendly technology.