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Business Management

The software for companies ICGManager is the ideal solution that will assist you to manage, sort and control your company in a reliable and safe way. Is the work tool most complete, without limits, powerful, fast and with many functionalities.

With ICGManager you can manage the information of all your business areas of your company to speed tasks, improve the invoicing processes and finances, and reduce costs. The application complements the warehouse and inventories management, and autosale - presale management based in handhelds terminals.

Profit from this powerful reports and graphics platform, that provides you with this solution, to make decisions instantly. ICGManager has a totally customizable platform to planning, tracing and scheduling all activities of a company related with the clients. This solution makes easy the work in the calls registry, visits and agreements and guarantees a good and effective planning and scheduling of sales team, the management of technical services and warnings registry through a Call Center.

With ICGManager you will supply your company the generation and monitoring organized of marketing campaign and implantation of quality regulations, projects management and fixed assets control. Moreover, with this solution does not matter distances because you will be able to manage in a centralized way several business with a single tool and in real-time.

Complete Management Software, without limits, powerful and with external functionalities