The cost of living is rising day by day, and the currency is plunging deeper into the second. Savings are close to becoming non-existent, and EMIs and loan installments are terrorizing us every month. In this expensive earth, the common man is finding it hard to even breathe without emptying his pocket. The recession is hovering over us like the devil. In this time of crisis here are a few tips to help you emerge through this murky water of capitalism and even make a little saving for an easier future. So help yourself, it’s each for their own.

Reduce and relax

Luxury nowadays is less for one’s own enjoyment & pleasure and more for showing off. The neighbour is showing off his new shiny car, and now you want one in your garage too. It’s this endless cycle of expense where the only ones to gain are the capitalists. So if you want a comfortable saving for a luxurious retirement then its time to let go of the luxuries today. Want that duplex with slanting red roof later? Take the bus now instead of salivating over the new model of that car you already have. As you sow so shall you reap? Work to secure a great future instead of spending it all on instant gratification.

Invest Away

The one advice that all financial articles will tell you to do is invest. And they are all right. Read up, research and start investing. Make the business news channel your new favorite and start keeping up with the stock market. While you can yourself start reading up on books and invest yourself, there are also financial services providers who can help you with your financial interests and endeavours. Mutual funds are also an interesting field of investment that you should definitely look into.