For all of us who stay at dorm rooms or hostels during our college years, it’s tough the first few weeks. The human mind and body alike needs a space of its own acclimated to their needs and preferences. When we have to change that space, there is a brief period of struggle that we most definitely have to go through. But once we get settled in, the feeling of one’s own home away from home warms the heart. Here are a few tips on home improvement for your home away from home.

Posters and Wall hangings
The one thing that helps you settle in a new place is to make it a reflection of yourself and your loved ones. The best way to do that is through posters and photos to hang on the walls. Decorate the bare walls with your memories and passions, be it the family trip photos or the quote from your favorite book.

Green factor
The one thing that really would make your dorm room pop is a dash of green. Keep a small potted plant to detox your eyes from the glare of the screens you stare at all day with some leafy love. Small cacti in vibrant little pots are low maintenance yet a treat for the eyes.

Laundry chair
We all have that one chair in the corner of the room laden with all our dirty clothes just staring at us and making us feel guilty. It’s time to say a big NO and take action. Buy a cute straw laundry basket to throw all your dirty clothes into instead of sprinkling it all around the room.

Bookshelf help
Let your bookish desires take over and make a DIY bookshelf with boxes. This will make the room feel roomier and help you read more books.